In order to legally operate your cart/stand in each section of town, you need a permit. If you are caught by a police officer selling without a permit, you'll get a $50 fine. (I've successfully talked my way out of a first offense fine with Vinny by telling the officer that I won't be able to afford the permit if I pay the fine, and then promising to go to the courthouse right away ...)

In order to get a permit, you need to visit the Courthouse (open 8 to 4), take a number, and then ask Glenda about Permits (if "Permits" does not show as a topic of conversation, ask her about "Glenda" or "Courthouse" first).

Area Permit Cost
Downtown $300
Tosheroon Park
Florin's Gate $125
Collins Industrial Park $11
13th & Numismia (College Area) $200
Brennan Ave. Bridge

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